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56: How To Combat Environmental Eczema with Lindsay Burnett Snyder

In this episode, Dani is joined by Lindsay Burnett Snyder, clinical pharmacist and founder of Rogue Pharmacist. Listen as Lindsay shares how she healed her own son's environmental eczema and gives insight on the relationship between your gut health and the rest of your body.

55: How To Be Kinder To Yourself

In this episode, Dani shares how to be kinder to yourself during this season of uncertainty.

54: Vote Like A Mother with Cindy Hicks

In this episode, Dani is joined by Cindy Hicks, accessories designer and founder of Posh Lilies Millinery and Finery. Listen as Cindy talks about her involvement in the Vote Like A Girl initiative and shares how important it is for mothers to get out and vote in this election and beyond.

53: Ignore Other People's Opinions Of You

In this episode, Dani takes on a pretty common topic in the world of moms--other people's opinions of you. Listen as Dani shares why you shouldn't care what other people think of you, and how to be sure that you are being true to you and the dreams that you have on your heart.

52: How To Care For Your Body While You Care For Your Baby with Lisa Westhorpe

In this episode, Dani is joined by Lisa Westhorpe, maternal occupational therapist and founder of Nurture Occupational Therapy. Lisa shares great ways for mamas to take care of themselves, while they are also taking care of their new babies.

51: How To Thrive In Your New Normal

In the first episode of Season 3, Dani shares 3 ways for mamas to thrive in your new normal without adding more to your plate.

50: Ask For What You Need In The Workplace

In this episode, Dani is joined, once again, by Alison Farber founder of Affordable Career Consulting. Alison shares insight for working moms who may have certain needs when it comes to nursing and caring for their growing families while focusing on their careers. Listen to learn how to engage in these conversations with your employer, or how to initiate these conversations with your employees.

49: Reclaim Yourself In Your Relationship

In this episode, Dani is joined by Dana Gaulke a life coach and the founder of Honestly Dana Coaching. Dana shares how to reclaim your identity in your relationships, and how making the best decisions for you can be best for your family as well.

48: Listen To Understand

A special episode by the host of The Taking Back YOU Momcast, Dani Carter Iddins. You must subscribe to this podcast or download it to view the entire show notes.

47: The Journey From Mom To Mompreneur

In this Mom Business May episode, I am once again joined by the FABULOUS Peggy O'Flaherty who is the Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer of Mavely. And this week, we are continuing our look at entrepreneurial mamas who are sharing how they came to add "mompreneur” as one of their roles in life and today Peggy is back (you may remember her from Episode 37) and here to tell us all about her journey from mom to mompreneur.

46: Find Your Freedom

We're taking a small break from Mom Business May to share this very important episode. Today, I am joined by Emma Ferrick, the founder and creator of ELF Operations, as she shares the story of abuse in her relationship and how her and her daughter were able to escape. Listen as she shares how her journey led her to create ELF Operations and how she overcame her struggle to build a stronger life for her and the people she loves.

45: Redefine Success In Your Life

In this Mom Business May themed episode, Dani is joined by Megan Dias--the founder of Megan Dias Coaching. Megan is a business and success coach who helps soulful entrepreneurs build an authentic brand and create processes that support a thriving business and life! Megan talks with us about her journey to become a mother, postpartum depression and anxiety and how her experience helped her become more resilient and taught her how to redefine success in her life.

44: Transition To Building Your Business

In episode, Dani kicks-off the first episode of Mom Business May with Alison Farber the founder and owner of Affordable Career Consulting. Alison shares her journey as she transitioned from working in the corporate world to building her own small business. For any mama out there who's wondering what "making that switch" will look like, this episode is a can't miss.

43: Explore Your Creative Side

In this episode, Dani is joined by Amber Fife, who is the owner, founder, and creator of Women Create Weekly, which is a blog and online membership platform that offers opportunities for women to tap into their creative and artistic sides and allow for self-discovery. Amber's mission is to help women create a "habit of creativity" so that they can learn more about themselves through art. She shares how art can be a regular part of our lives as women and moms AND a regular part of our self-care. Amber also offers words of encouragement and empowerment for women who don't believe they can make their dreams their reality.

42: Navigate Your Grief

In this episode, Dani is joined by special guest Anne Kidder, the founder and creator of KidderBug Kreations. Anne shares how she navigated the loss of 4 family members in less than 3 years, and how those losses lead to the creation of her business and what she calls "memory items". This is episode is both an eye-opening look at how we handle grief as mothers and a celebration of the ways in which the human spirit perseveres.

41: Build A Work-At-Home Routine

In this episode, Dani is joined by special guest Toni-Ann Mayembe, the founder and creator of the Real Happy Mom Blog and Podcast. Toni-Ann shares how moms can build a work-at-home routine that is both productive and empowering.

40: God's Reset Button - Hope During Uncertain Times

Dani shares a message of encouragement and faith as we all learn how to exist in our "new normal".

39: How To Say 'No' Guilt-Free

In this episode, Dani shares 5 guilt-free ways to say "no" in almost every situation.

38: Nix Negative Self-Talk

In this episode, Dani shares 5 ways to cut negative self-talk out of your every day vocabulary. This episode is a must listen if you find that you say things to yourself that you would never think of saying to someone else.

37: Your Buying Power As A Mom

In this episode, Dani is joined by Peggy O'Flaherty, the co-founder and Chief Community Officer of Mavely. Mavely is a female-run app that brings together female-owned, sustainable, and philanthropic brands that reward real women by putting money back into their pockets after they make and share purchases with their friends and family. Peggy also shares some great insight on how to discover and work within your strengths. This is a can't miss episode!

36: Winter Weather Skin Care

In this episode, Dani gives some great tips to help keep your skin moisturized during the dry winter months.

35: S.M.A.R.T. Goal Your Way To Your Dreams

Are your goals S.M.A.R.T. enough? That is, are your goals specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely? In this episode, Dani breaks down SMART Goals and explains why they are vital to making sure your dreams become your reality.

34: Holiday Self-Care for Moms

Self-care is not all bubble baths and bonbons. And this is never more true than during the holidays. The next few weeks are going to be a great time of celebration, but this time can also cause many moms to forget about taking care of themselves. In this episode, Dani shares 6 tips to make sure you are practicing self-care during the holidays. These tips will help you figure out what's important, stop doing what's not, and remember the reason for the season!

33: Be Bold. Be Confident. Be You.

This episode is one for the books! Join Dani as she speaks with Jenah Pfeiffer of "In My Red High Heels" about motherhood, fashion, confidence, and being the most important thing you can be: YOU. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

32: Take Your Seat At The Table

In this episode, Dani shares the importance of "taking your seat at the table" in all aspects of your life, and offers helpful tips for how to make sure your voice is heard and taken seriously.

31: Stay Zen During the Holidays

In this episode, Dani is joined by accountability coach Mary Bates of Zen By Design. Mary gives you some great tips for staying "zen" during the holidays, and making sure that you enjoy your time with family instead of dread it.

30: Eliminate Your Fear of Rejection

In this episode, Dani explains why we fear being rejected and gives you all of the steps you need to eliminate your fear of being rejected by the people in your life.

29: Overcome Procrastination

In this episode, Dani explains what procrastination is and what you can do to overcome it.

28: Set Your Priorities

In this episode, Dani explains why it's important for mamas to set priorities and how to do it.

27: Build Your 2020 Vision Board

In this episode, Dani explains the basics about vision boards and why they should be an important part of your goals and planning process.

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