37: Your Buying Power As A Mom

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In this episode, Dani is joined by Peggy O'Flaherty, the co-founder and Chief Community Officer of Mavely. Mavely is a female-run app that brings together female-owned, sustainable, and philanthropic brands that reward real women by putting money back into their pockets after they make and share purchases with their friends and family. Peggy also shares some great insight on how to discover and work within your strengths. This is a can't miss episode!
The resources mentioned in this episode were:
  1. The Mavely App
  2. Living In Your Calling Versus Chasing Your Craving (Peggy's ebook, available on Amazon)
  3. Free Strengths Finder Test
  4. Free Spiritual Gifts Test

Learn more about Peggy on her website. Follow Mavely on social media at @mavelylife.

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37: Your Buying Power As A Mom
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