If you love being a mama, but feel like you've lost a bit (or a lot) of yourself along the way, then the Taking Back YOU Momcast is for you. Learn more.

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56: How To Combat Environmental Eczema with Lindsay Burnett Snyder

In this episode, Dani is joined by Lindsay Burnett Snyder, clinical pharmacist and founder of Rogue Pharmacist. Listen as Lindsay shares how she healed her own son's e...

55: How To Be Kinder To Yourself

In this episode, Dani shares how to be kinder to yourself during this season of uncertainty.

54: Vote Like A Mother with Cindy Hicks

In this episode, Dani is joined by Cindy Hicks, accessories designer and founder of Posh Lilies Millinery and Finery. Listen as Cindy talks about her involvement in th...

53: Ignore Other People's Opinions Of You

In this episode, Dani takes on a pretty common topic in the world of moms--other people's opinions of you. Listen as Dani shares why you shouldn't care what other peop...

52: How To Care For Your Body While You Care For Your Baby with Lisa Westhorpe

In this episode, Dani is joined by Lisa Westhorpe, maternal occupational therapist and founder of Nurture Occupational Therapy. Lisa shares great ways for mamas to tak...

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